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The word plastic comes from the Greek plastikè (πλαστική τέχνη): “the art of modelling”

Since the first artificial plastics were created, the technology of plastic processing and production has developed considerably. Among the most modern technological achievements we can include the processes of plastic moulding (or molding according to the US spelling).

No longer is the material modelled in accordance with requirements, but moulded into specific articles with precise shapes and characteristics.

Injection moulding

Among the systems for plastic moulding, injection moulding is the one that ensures the highest precision and reliability of the result.

In addition to uniformity and speed of production, the process also offers high flexibility, as it is made using moulds that are manufactured following the design of the component to be obtained, and reproducing its shapes in a millimetric way.

In short, injection moulding produces plastic and thermoplastic components merged in large series through a pressurised mould cavity.

Injection moulded products can vary in size and format, they can be produced in different quantities, production cycles range from a few tens to millions of pieces, and are commonly used in various sectors, from the automotive to biomedical and even the food industry.

There are several materials with which a mould can be manufactured.

At ETI we design and manufacture injection moulds in hardened steel.

The material with which we produce our moulds guarantees maximum resistance to abrasion and pressure wear, the best durability over time and the highest level of precision of the result.

Injection moulds molds production

The production of hardened steel injection moulds is a complex process in which the conformity to the specifics of the product to be obtained and the characteristics of the mould with which it is realised must be evaluated with the utmost accuracy.

Find out more about how we manufacture our moulds and what ETI can do for you.


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