plastic components for capacitors

Production of plastic components for capacitors

Our partnership with Kemet

KEMET was founded in 1919 in the garage workshop of an inventor, and today is a global company with thousands of employees in dozens of countries. With more than 1,600 patents and trademarks worldwide, Kemet has established a leading position in the production of capacitors.

Kemet components are found in spacecraft and defibrillators, and are found in everyday technological products.

Capacitors for electric motors in plastic housing

Motor capacitors are generally used for starting and running single-phase induction motors with 2 or 3 windings. For their construction, a dielectric in polypropylene film is used, vacuum metallized, self-healing, which allows the achievement of capacitive units with very low losses and minimum overall dimensions. These elements are encapsulated in a housing made of plastic material and incorporated in resin.

Kemet’s utmost attention to every phase of capacitor production, from the accuracy of the capacitance to the final encapsulation, guarantees excellent performance and maximum product reliability.

For its production of capacitors, KEMET also chooses ETI SRL as a partner in the production and supply of high-precision plastic components.

Our valuable contribution to a successful achievement


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