production of injection moulds injection molds


The word plastic comes from the Greek plastikè (πλαστική τέχνη): “the art of modelling” Since the first artificial plastics were created, the technology of plastic processing and production has developed considerably. Among the most modern technological achievements we can include the processes of plastic moulding (or molding according to the US spelling). No longer is the material modelled in accordance

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Website restyling


The renewal of a company’s image involves (also) the creation of its new website. Website restyling | ETI SRL For a company that has been present in the territory for more than 30 years, it is important to know how to renew, grow, open up to new markets, develop products, solutions and procedures that are able to adapt to changing

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plastic components for capacitors


Production of plastic components for capacitors Our partnership with Kemet KEMET was founded in 1919 in the garage workshop of an inventor, and today is a global company with thousands of employees in dozens of countries. With more than 1,600 patents and trademarks worldwide, Kemet has established a leading position in the production of capacitors. Kemet components are found in

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plastic capacitor cases


Our experience for Ducati Energia DUCATI ENERGIA, a name famous all over the world for the utmost attention to product quality and customer service, has chosen ETI SRL as its trusted partner for the production of plastic capacitor cases. Ducati Energia S.p.A has always been among the first companies in the industry to adopt the most advanced standards and procedures,

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biodegradabile e compostabile differenza

Difference between biodegradable and compostable

Eco-friendly single-use coffee capsules | Sustainability and Environment | Biodegradable and compostable The environmental awareness and eco-sustainability of products, increasingly popular among consumers worldwide, has focused over the years on the production and recycling of coffee and soluble capsules. Coffee capsules are affordable and perfectly suited to the needs of the modern consumer, both in terms of convenience and product

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Ok Compost Industrial Certification | ETI for the environment

Ok Compost Industrial Certification

The TÜV AUSTRIA Group is an independent international inspection and certification agency. Ok Compost Industrial Certification Following the recent acquisition of Vinçotte Italia, TÜV AUSTRIA can boast a significant expansion of its experience also in the environmental and food safety field. The eco-sustainability of materials and the environmental compliance of products is fully part of ETI’s policy, which has always

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ETI SRL Biodegradable and compostable capsules

Biodegradable and compostable capsules

The FMCG Packaging Observatory (created by Nomisma in collaboration with Spinlife) gives us a clear insight into how consumer habits are changing in relation to a renewed approach to packaging sustainability. The attention and sensitivity to the characteristics of packaging and its environmental impact, both for home and for food products, is a rapidly growing trend, so that for 46%

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ETI will attend MECSPE 2020 Parma

MECSPE 29-31 ottobre 2020 | Fiera di Parma

ETI will attend MECSPE 2020 Parma, the International Exhibition of Innovation Technologies, at Fiera di Parma from 29 to 31 October 2020. MECSPE has reached its nineteenth edition, consolidating its supremacy as an absolute reference point in the panorama of events on innovations for the manufacturing industry. MECSPE represents a unique opportunity to have a complete overview of innovative materials,

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