Website restyling

The renewal of a company’s image involves (also) the creation of its new website.

Website restyling | ETI SRL

For a company that has been present in the territory for more than 30 years, it is important to know how to renew, grow, open up to new markets, develop products, solutions and procedures that are able to adapt to changing times and the ever-changing needs of the public and the community it serves.

We renew ourselves internally, we grow our staff, we expand the use of space and equipment, we experiment with innovative product formulas and create value, tending towards constant improvement.

But renewal also emerges from listening that becomes communication. This is why a company that wants to maintain its link with the business is essential to know how to learn and transmit what the company is and what it aspires to, in the most up-to-date formulas suitable for the time in which it operates.

ETI has chosen to simplify its communication, condensing its identity as a leading company in the production of plastic components into a new, easy-to-consult website, designed to enhance the image of its products and summarise the commitment and values of a constantly updated brand.

In the website restyling all the functions have been revised and simplified to improve the intuitive use of the tool and the experience of each kind of user. In fact, the structure has been designed both for those who are approaching the company for the first time and for those who have already had contact with ETI and need to quickly and exhaustively find information and technical details of the production.

Graphic elements, text layout, page structure and content insertion have been studied with a view to synthesis, clarity and fluidity, with particular care and attention to the optimization for mobile devices.

The industry applications have been rearranged in the space reserved for molding, to make it easier to identify products according to the user’s interest. The characteristics of the company have been highlighted. Among these, space was dedicated to ETI’s commitment to the environment and to the certifications and awards obtained, elements that reconfirm and underline the value of existing partnerships and guarantee solidity and reliability for future collaborations.

To complete the website restyling, a short video was released. The video condenses in a few seconds the dynamic character of ETI, the balance between precision technology and human factor and the resourcefulness of a company linked to its territory, but able to conquer the global market, in a constant development towards new achievements.



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